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Source: FBI Harassment | Patterns in the Void

Everyone knows you don’t talk to the police.

Is my family safe in the US? Should I worry about the FBI raiding my parents’ house and shooting our family dog? Should I worry about FBI agents stalking and harrassing my mother?


Is there currently a branch of government at any level in the US which a large majority (75%, 3/4ths) of Americans nation-wide would recognize as the government and instinctively/intuitively expect to serve and protect them without caveat or wary reservation? EMS (emergency medical services)? Firefighters?

How about any law enforcement? FBI, CIA, NSA, state police, local cops – are there any that you think most people would be content to see show up at their home (in person or communication by mail or telephone) and communicate with them freely, without extenuating circumstances (e.g. actively reporting a crime, recent natural disaster, legal counsel present), under the assumption that they aren’t personally at risk?

In U.S., Confidence in Police Lowest in 22 Years | Gallup News

*** It is a problem if the populace is afraid of bad-apple law enforcement to the point that it complicates the job of the good people trying to actually protect average people from actual criminals. There needs to be more active self inspection, more active removal of bad apples (sorry, but even the optics matter; they only have to *look* like bad apples to a moderately/passingly informed outsider to be a problem!), and much less crying wolf (if everything is a SERIOUS THREAT to NATIONAL SECURITY, then nothing is).