Lithium Production (2017)

72.11 million cars and 22.53 million commercial vehicles were produced in 2016. Fewer than 1 million of those vehicles produced were electric.
Worldwide automobile production from 2000 to 2016 (in million vehicles) | Statista
The rise of electric vehicles: The second million | The International Council on Clean Transportation (ICCT)

An astounding amount of battery production is being constructed, mostly for electric vehicles but also for grid-scale power storage.
10 Battery Gigafactories Are Now in the Works. And Elon Musk May Add 4 More | Greentech Media (2017/6/29)
Tesla Gigafactory
LG to open Europe’s biggest car battery factory next year | Reuters (2017/10/12)
Daimler begins construction on a $562 million lithium-ion battery factory in Germany | Ars Technica (2017/5/22)
Daimler announces new $740 million battery factory in China for Mercedes-Benz’s EVs | Electrek (2017/7/5)
Tesla switches on giant battery to shore up Australia’s grid | Reuters (2017/12/1)

Where is all that lithium for lithium ion batteries going to come from?

This is not a chart that looks like lithium production is being aggressively expanded.

How much is that lithium going to cost?

Lithium Price | Metalary

How much lithium carbonate is used in a lithium-ion battery?
Less than 1 kg per kWh.
Breakdown of raw materials in Tesla’s batteries and possible bottlenecks | Electrek (2016/11/1)