Weekend Special: Reckless Medicine | Care And Cost

Less than half the surgeries, drugs and tests that doctors recommend have been proved effective.

Source: Weekend Special: Reckless Medicine | Care And Cost

“Reckless Medicine” by Jeanne Lenzer & Shannon Brownlee
originally published on 2010-11-20 in Discover Magazine, November 2010 issue

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Next time your doctor talks to you about surgery, make sure you do your own research too so you can provide actual informed consent. The poor doc’s life is hard enough learning HOW to do all the things demanded of them without being omniscient statistical gods about whether or not any of it is actually right for you. It would be convenient if they could, but they are just people too. Give them a break and do your part to keep yourself healthy.

Your Child Left Behind – The Atlantic

For years, poor performance by students in America relative to those in other countries has been explained away as a consequence of our nationwide diversity. But what if you looked more closely, breaking down our results by state and searching not for an average, but for excellence?

Source: Your Child Left Behind – The Atlantic


Perhaps this is why we have 9.8% unemployment and 1.28 million discouraged unemployed? Do we have minimum wages that are higher than what these people can produce?

Also, even if the USA sucks at math, how does it compare in say art or music? Do we have better singers, more talented fashionistas, or more original artists?