Hackers, Organizational Doxing, and Data Forgeries – The Atlantic

There’s nothing stopping attackers from manipulating the data they make public.

It’s one thing to have all of your dirty laundry aired in public for everyone to see. It’s another thing entirely for someone to throw in a few choice items that aren’t real.

Imagine trying to explain to the press, eager to publish the worst of the details in the documents, that everything is accurate except this particular email. Or that particular memo. That the salary document is correct except that one entry. Or that the secret customer list posted up on WikiLeaks is correct except that there’s one inaccurate addition. It would be impossible. Who would believe you? No one. And you couldn’t prove it.

Source: Hackers, Organizational Doxing, and Data Forgeries – The Atlantic

Big Business Is Killing Innovation in the U.S. – The Atlantic

How big business jammed the wheels of innovation

The new antitrust crusaders are manning an old trench with fresh ammo. Brandeis was right, they argue, and the evidence of his rightness abounds: Citizens United has empowered business at the same time corporate profits have been hitting an all-time high; wages are stagnating at the same time stock buybacks and dividends soar; corporate mergers are spiking as entrepreneurship languishes; mom-and-pop stores are shuttering as corporate franchises fill the empty spaces.

Source: Big Business Is Killing Innovation in the U.S. – The Atlantic

Enough With This Basic Income Bullshit

institutions are built, through polarization: it takes a movement of people willing to fight for a big idea over the course of decades.

This is yet another reason why I’m skeptical about basic income: I simply don’t see the movement behind it. It’s intellectually seductive, a lot of people like the idea, but I’ve never met anyone for whom basic income is literally a personal question of life and death.

Basic income is to the social state what the flat tax is to the tax system. It flatters the engineering mind with its apparent simplicity. But in fact it is impossible to implement; it’s also politically suicidal; nobody’s ready to die for it; and even if it existed, it would probably trigger extraordinary political tension and the highest level of inequality in modern Western history.

Source: Enough With This Basic Income Bullshit


The fact is that it is not the weight of the tax burden that causes [tax] revolts, but rather the feeling among taxpayers that they do not get anything for their money. People who derive some benefit from a welfare system are its greatest supporters and therefore pay taxes without feeling exploited.

An efficient and stable welfare state must be based on universal social programs, such as health insurance, pensions, and child-support allowances-programs that are directed to all citizens.

— Olof Palme, Swedish Social Democratic Prime Minister, Employment and Welfare speech, 1984