Obama’s India trip: $200 million a day? | The Economist

Passing the smell test
SOME people just can’t estimate travel costs.

Source: Obama’s India trip: $200 million a day? | The Economist


To be a little fair, what does the average citizen know about the deployment of the US navy, what it is used for, or how much it costs?

The part that really hurts my brain is how blatant disregard for truth hurts them and their position. Is the average Tea Partier going to be that much more upset at $200 million than $2 million a day? And this rage-ohol is at the expense of the truth. What if the government did do something awful and these same people were the only ones who found out and reported it? No reasonable person would believe them. This isn’t even some Machiavellian move, it’s just incomprehensible.

The worst part is they believe because they want to be upset.