Low Pay is a Symptom


Labor unions are adopting unusual tactics, hoping to raise the floor for wages and working conditions in the ultracompetitive economy of the 21st century.

Source: Unionizing the Bottom of the Pay Scale – The New York Times

The pursuit of shareholder value is attracting criticism—not all of it foolish

Source: Taking the long view | The Economist

The economic crisis has revived the old debate about whether firms should focus most on their shareholders, their customers or their workers

Source: A new idolatry | The Economist

Shareholder capitalism suffers from a vacuum of ownership

Source: Beyond shareholder value | The Economist


Low pay is a symptom. When is it caused by inadequate allocation vs. inadequate productivity?


From comments:

I wish the cost of things got as much attention as salaries. … Pay is NOT the critical issue, cost of living is.

— anonymous