What will kids today tell their kids about “back in the day”?

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Source: What will kids today tell their kids about “back in the day”?


– Back in my day, we entrusted other humans with deadly weapons to police society.

– Back in my day, Florida stretched almost all the way to Cuba and Kansas was a bread basket of farms instead of a desert.

– Back in my day, schooling cost thousands of dollars per year after you turned 18, and that used to be a lot of money.

– Back in my day, our grandparents’ generation had gone to the moon but we were afraid we’d never leave the earth and land on another gravity well again.

– Back in my day, we had to physically or verbally interact with a computer in order to make it do things instead of just thinking about it.

– Back in my day, there were still old people who drove cars themselves, manually. They had a wheel and pedals and a bunch of buttons.

– Back in my day, people frequently got lost and there was no overmind to find them and bring them home.

– 在我们那个时代,英语比汉语中国更重要,谷歌翻译没有工作。(“Back in my day, English was more important than Mandarin Chinese, and Google Translate did not work well.”)