Meet Emma Morano

Source: Wait but Why, on Facebook

Meet Emma Morano, the one human left from the 1800s. Three facts about Emma:

1) When she was born in November 1899, there were about 1.5 billion people on Earth. Now every single one of those 1.5 billion people are gone – except Emma – and there are 7.4 billion entirely new people here.

2) As a baby, Emma could have been held by someone alive during the 1700s, and today, she can hold babies who will be alive in the 2100s (and possibly well beyond), making her the rare person who will interact with a set of people who were alive in five different centuries.

3) When Emma was born, there were no cars yet, and she’s now approaching a time when no one is driving because of self-driving cars – meaning she has witnessed the “people driving cars” era in its entirety.