Just A New Fractal Detail In The Big Picture – Edge.org

I have a huge amount of experience in being ignorant and not worrying about it. In fact, what I call “understanding” turns out to be “managing my ignorance more effectively.”

My untroubled attitude results from my almost absolute faith in the reliability of the vast supercomputer I’m permanently plugged into. It was built with the intelligence of thousands of generations of human minds, and they’re still working at it now. All that human intelligence remains alive in the form of the supercomputer of tools, theories, technologies, crafts, sciences, disciplines, customs, rituals, rules-of-thumb, arts, systems of belief, superstitions, work-arounds, and observations that we call Global Civilisation.

Isn’t the vast structure of competences and potentialities thus created indistinguishable from “artificial intelligence”? The type that digital computers make is just a new fractal detail in the big picture, just the latest step. We’ve been living happily with artificial intelligence for thousands of years.

Source: Just A New Fractal Detail In The Big Picture – Edge.org