“You Can’t Handle the Truth!” – BillMoyers.com

At this point most people appear to know that something is terribly, terribly wrong in the United States of America. But like the proverbial blind man describing the elephant, Americans tend to characterize the problem according to their economic status, their education and interests and the way that the problem is impacting their peer group.

In reality, these are all symptoms of an entirely foreseeable systemic crisis. The basic outlines of that crisis were traced over 40 years ago in a book titled The Limits to Growth. Today we are hitting the limits of net energy, environmental pollution and debt, and the experience is uncomfortable for just about everyone.

any intention to “Make America Great Again” — if that means restoring a global empire that always gets its way, and whose economy is always growing, offering glittery gadgets for all — is utterly futile

Source: “You Can’t Handle the Truth!” – BillMoyers.com