We have to rethink what “educated” means in a post-truth world — Quartz

Source: We have to rethink what “educated” means in a post-truth world — Quartz, by Stavros N. Yiannouka

RE: his forthcoming book What it means to be educated: Ideas for rethinking education for a post-truth world

In a world where knowledge is growing exponentially, the tools for acquiring and interpreting that knowledge are at least as important as the actual knowledge itself.

If we as individuals are to keep pace with the ever-growing accumulation of knowledge that makes and is in turn made possible by advances in technology, we need to engender within ourselves the desire to remain educated in the same way that we want to remain fit and healthy throughout our lives.

To do that we need to adopt a set of core values chief amongst them being respect for the substantiated truth. Through the scientific method, good education elevates fact over opinion. But it also acknowledges that the search for the truth can be never-ending and often involves a contest of competing ideas, a contest that is best resolved through open enquiry and rational discourse.