What to Worry About in This Surreal Bull Market

Source: What to Worry About in This Surreal Bull Market

We’re almost 10 years out from the financial crisis. Here, the pros share their thoughts on what could happen next.

Quant strategies are popular, and popularity is what makes a coordinated action, whether it’s a run on the bank or a crash, possible.

“some sort of cyber event.”


The debate on whether bitcoin is a bubble about to burst or a great investment continues to divide the financial world. … ­cryptocurrency derivatives, including options and ETFs, are risky because they legitimize assets with prices derived from unregulated exchanges subject to manipulation and fraud.


“Financial complexity brings prosperity but also increased fragility”

“In the long term, the EU is not stable as constructed; the essence of the problem is that you have a monetary union without fiscal union. If confidence is shaken in the European structure, markets will sell off, big time.”

Come mid-2018, just one entity—the Bank of New York Mellon Corp.—will be responsible for ensuring that almost $2 trillion of securities financed by so-called repurchase agreements are cleared and settled each and every day.