Crypto Zealots | The ISP Column, by Geoff Huston

Source: Crypto Zealots | The ISP Column, by Geoff Huston, Chief Scientist at APNIC, the Regional Internet Registry serving the Asia Pacific region

Trust, once eroded, is fiendishly difficult to restore, and in this case the network has lost the trust of the applications that operate across it and the trust of the users that drive these applications. … However, I also suspect that the intelligence agencies are already focussing elsewhere. If the network is no longer the rich vein of data that it used to be, then the data collected by content servers is a more than ample replacement. If the large content factories have collected such a rich profile of my activities, then it seems entirely logical that they will be placed under considerable pressure to selectively share that profile with others. So I’m not optimistic that I have any greater level of personal privacy than I had before.