Q&A Interview with Dan Greer – The Washington Post

Trust, what’s the definition of trust? You know I have a sort of personal definition of privacy and a personal definition of security. For me, trust is the availability of effective recourse. I don’t guard myself if I have effective recourse

Man, what is public these days? If I can read your newspaper from orbit, what is public? If I can tell where you are in your house by imaging through the wall, what is public? On and on and on. … Just because it’s observable without crossing the boundaries of your property, does that mean it’s public? I think if we don’t do something, that’s where it’s going. … What is the public domain? That’s really the question. Technology is changing what is public by changing what is observable, and that’s what I’m getting at. And I don’t know the answer, but I do know that if we don’t answer it, things will continue.

Source: Why one of cybersecurity’s thought leaders uses a pager instead of a smart phone – The Washington Post