The Feds Have Let the Cyber World Burn. Let’s Put the Fire Out | WIRED

Security expert Dan Kaminsky writes that the government lets weak cybersecurity burn our society while tech companies try to put out the flames.

Source: The Feds Have Let the Cyber World Burn. Let’s Put the Fire Out | WIRED, by Dan Kaminsky

Instead of helping put out fires, though, the FBI is “concerned.” A world where not everything can be hacked is a world where it can’t necessarily hack everything. And so, in a case where the FBI has enjoyed almost complete cooperation with Apple, it is demanding more: The engineering authority to require a “backdoor,” making the extraction of data from any device trivial, and setting the dangerous precedent that the government can turn any or all of the technology in our lives against us.

The moral, economic, strategic, and technical leadership of the United States is at stake here. If Americans are not allowed to repair cybersecurity, somebody else will, and the damage to our interests will be incalculable and self-inflicted. Whoever masters making a secure digital world not just possible, but practical, will own the next Silicon Valley.

Those defending and repairing the Internet must be separated from those with offensive cyber missions, no matter how legitimate. “Dual Missions”—playing defense and offense, fixing infrastructure one day and exploiting it the next, are a lie and everybody knows it.