Where Did Pokémon Go Get Its Map From? – The Atlantic

Due to data flukes, private homes are being besieged by the game’s players.

Without giving his consent or having any forewarning, Sheridan’s property had become a virtual neighborhood landmark. … Sheridan is not the only person who awoke one morning to find his home had been transformed into an enormous Poké-gym. … His property has effectively been augmented by a digital beacon—a distinction that sends about 75 strangers to his front yard everyday. For him, Pokémon Go’s use of geo-data seems like a standard example of an easy engineering fix having massively unintended consequences.

“What Niantic did is they collected a lot of data and then they radically shifted the context in which that data was used,” he said. “I’m not sure I can say whether it’s right or wrong, but it makes me feel really squishy. All these people—there’s the potential for some of these locations to be flooded with strangers overnight.”

Source: Where Did Pokémon Go Get Its Map From? – The Atlantic