Wonky Thoughts: The Scientific Method, Redefined

The process of objective reasoning is essential not only to science, but to most other aspects of civilization, including government, law, economics, journalism, education and medicine.

The premise is that objective truth exists, and that it is accessible by everyone. The scientific method is the process by which we analyze the world around us to illuminate objective truth for ourselves and others.

Explanations matter. Equations without explanations are empty, and their predictions limited.

A good explanation:

  • Must define a process which changes some aspect of reality.
  • The process must be observed in action.
  • The process must be measured and quantified.
  • The explanation must reconcile theory and observation.
  • The work must meet the standards of objectivity listed above as ancillary elements of the scientific method.
  • The explanation must be verified through successful prediction of experimental results or observations of real-world changes.
  • The explanation will often explain other phenomena in areas unrelated to the initial inquiry.

Source: Wonky Thoughts: The Scientific Method, Redefined